Sharing Thought-Provoking Content That Steer Your Agenda

Creating content is important, but it’s imperative that you share content that provokes thought in the direction you want the audience to think. By doing that, it will steer your agenda in just the right way. You can make your audience start thinking about the things you want to be important to them before you even introduce your product to them.

* Curate Content – If you have a product in development to solve a problem, poke the bear by sharing content all about the problem for a while. Make the audience start thinking about that problem and how they want to solve it. Then you can be the hero by giving them the solution.

* Share Stories – If you can weave a story into any content you create for your audience, that makes your audience think about what you want them to think about. For example, if you’re a weight loss coach, share stories from people who are struggling with their weight. Discuss how this can change and then offer the solution.

* Promote Testimonials – Testimonials can sometimes make people start thinking in terms of where they want to be. If you have testimonials from people who have succeeded due to your product or service, you want to promote them. This can make your audience think about being at that point instead of where they are.

* Tell Them Why – There is a saying in marketing that you give away the “why” free and you sell the “how”. Sometimes the why can be thought-provoking and make people think. Focus on creating content for your audience that gives them the why so that you can deliver the how later.

* Don’t Be Predictable – You don’t want to risk being boring. Shake things up a bit by being slightly controversial. If you disagree with someone, say so. But, always be professional – even when you disagree with someone, and make sure your points can be backed up with fact.

* Keep It Simple – Don’t make things too difficult. You can share thought-provoking quotes on social media, say what you think about a quote, and discuss with the others what it suggests. Make sure your quotes have something to do with the way you want your audience to start thinking based on your next product launch.

* Keep Your Authenticity – Don’t try to be someone new when you start trying to drive your agenda. You don’t need to be creepy or obvious about it as you’re educating your people about issues that relate to your next product launch.

* Don’t Lie – This goes with being authentic of course, but in your quest to push your own agenda, don’t be afraid to admit when you were wrong about something. Your audience will trust you better if you learn from them too.

Remember that you don’t have to create all the content that drives your audience toward the actions you want them to take. You can get guest posters, share case studies and testimonials, and curate content from other places by providing the link and your own thoughts about the content, while asking for your audience’s thoughts too.