How to Choose Leverage Points That Matter

When it comes to email marketing, there are some very important leverage points to consider. To choose which leverage points matter, focus on the things detailed below. If it has to do with converting more people into paying customers, then it’s important.

* Get Emails Opened – You can send all the emails you want to, but if no one opens and reads them, they will not matter. Start out right by setting up the right kind of reply email so it looks friendly. Take the time to create subject lines that get emails opened. Plus, don’t forget the pre-header space. This is the area of the content inside the email that users can see before opening. Make the most of this area.

* Find Ways to Connect – Don’t create no-reply emails. Today, people like to feel as if they can reach the head honcho easily. Allow them and invite them to reply to your emails. One way that you can handle this is to hire an assistant to check the email. But if you have time, answering these personally will help your audience like you even more.

* Focus on Content – One of the most important aspects of your email marketing (outside of telling your audience about your products) is the content you deliver. Focus on delivering some of your best content to your email subscribers. That will train them to keep opening them and clicking through.

* Get Traffic – In order to make more sales, leverage the email members you already have by sending them to your website for more freebies to segment them better, provide more content in order to educate them, and more sales pages because that’s how you make money.

* Make Sales – You really should promote in your emails. Some people believe you need to have a good promotion in every email you send, but that isn’t necessarily the case. However, you should have a CTA in every email to move them toward the sale.

* Consider Lifetime Value – As you move your list members through your funnel, segmenting them more as you go, think about how important each list member is to your profits. When you put your list members first, you’ll see a bigger return on investment.

* Pick the Right Email Provider – This is probably one of the most important aspects that you can leverage to make your email list perform best for your business. Read all the terms of service for every email provider, then try them out using their free or low-cost trial options. You can even buy a couple months to run a short campaign and see how it works for your needs.

* Use a Company Branded Email – Do not use a free email account for your email list. Not only do most autoresponder services make it against their terms of service, it’s just not very professional and makes you look untrustworthy. Yourname@Yourbusiness is going to perform a lot better.

* Test Your Time – Another factor to leverage is time. The time you send your email out matters a great deal, because most people check their email at certain times. Your email autoresponder likely even has stats about when people open emails overall on their service. Start there, but test out other times too so that you can adjust for your audience.

* Segment Your Audience – Your autoresponder can use tagging or other methods to segment your list members. In addition, you can create content upgrades that help segment the audience better.

Know what’s important to you, and figure out which lever you need to place focus on to reap the rewards. In this way, you’ll make the most out of all your subscribers and build your list full of targeted people who are ready to buy.